Alice’s Choice in Wonderland?

Field: Communication, collaborative thinking

Aims at completing communication process and improving collaborative thinking by exploring and sharing standards to make natural choices in the course of gathering companions to save Wonderland from the Red Queen.

Associated debate topics: Equal vs. Fair, Practical interests vs. Loyalty, Good vs. Power, Respect for individuality
  • Selected as 2016 KOCCA Virtual Reality Contents Production Support Piece
  • 2017 E-learning Outstanding Corporate Contest Edu Game Grand Prize – Minister of Education Award
  • Seoul VRAR EXPO 2018 Game contents award
  • Seoul VRAR EXPO 2018 Game contents award

Introduction of game

Gather seven teammates to face off against the Red Queen
The Dragon Tamer, the master of the dragon that has terrifying firepower,
Absolem that asks about good and evil, and Cheshire Cat who may be a friend or enemy.

There is also the unique Hatter who loves to party. There are seven companions that you have to persuade.
Will you be able to satisfy their needs and gather teammates to face off against the Red Queen?
Of course, you should make sure to take a minimizing potion and maximizing potion to solve all these.

The conclusions are at your hands depending on your choices during dialog and by passing or failing in teamwork puzzles.
A story of adventures played in the virtual world! Will you leave to the realistic Wonderland right now?

Stories and Images for Main Scenes

Beginning of an Adventure(Introduction)

Scene01 Attic of Alice
The room where nothing happens oranything can happen

Find hidden items and give them to fellows.
They will be necessary for a long journey to come.

Scene02 Encounter with the Red Queen
Obedience or the red kingdom of death

Serve the Red Queen in disguise?
Or fight now?

Scene03 Whose side are you on!
Prison of deep desperation

The weak are suffering from tyranny of the Red Queen.
Can I change her…

Scene04 Hope and beginning of a battle
Fighting site for those who confront the Red Queen

The Red Queen is coming with her troops.
Flee to home? Gather fellows to fight?

Become fellows (Main text)

Scene05 Apple tree of fairness

Encounter with twin sisters
Which is right, justice or fairness?

Twin sisters are fighting for one apple.
How can we fairly divide it?

Scene06 Disappearing mushroom swamp
Fight for the weak!

Let’s save mushroom brothers from the curse of the Red Queen.
I will stop man-eating plants while you lift the curse!!

Scene07 Giant tomb filled with desire
Will I be loyal to my fellow !

If I can use a dragon at a battle, I will surely win!
Hand my fellow over and gain the dragon?
Or remain loyal to the fellow to the end?

Scene08 What are you fighting for!
Will we be able to obtain the wisdom of the wise?

We need wisdom to fight against the Red Queen.
What should we do for good?

Scene09 Caught in darkness. Trap Trap
We are not afraid in a trouble if we are together with fellows.

Oops! We are caught in the queen’s trap!!
Defeat soldiers with the lamp of wisdom with fellows!

Scene10 Still what matters is a party!
Respect other’s individuality

Though the hatter is different from us, we cannot ignore him.
Let’s have an exciting dance party with the hatter!

Battle (Ending)

To the moment for a decisive battle with fellows!

Finally, I am on the battlefield with my fellows!.
Can I drive out the Red Queen’s tyranny and restore peace of Wonderland!