Artists of Oz

Genre: Culture & Arts

Experience directly various creative activities ranging from culture, arts, dance and music based on the story of Oz, and discuss the fund of joint creative activities and acceptability of cultural arts.

Themes of value judgment: Fun of expression, meaning, creativity and acceptability of joint creative works
  • Selected for 2019 KOCCA VR Contents Production Support Work
  • 2020 Made With UnityKorea Award – 2020 Best Immersive

Introduction of game

Dorothy returned to the Emerald Castle after completing her adventure. But her hot-air balloon broke down and the light of the crystal also turned off?!
Is there any more to do at Oz?
The adventure awaiting Dorothy together with the lion, scarecrow and tin lumberjack who gained a fiery heart, smart brain, and strong courage!
Find the orb that will once again light up the crystal.

Pick the characters with the appropriate abilities, meet with the Depressed Eastern Witch, Western Giant, Southern Dwarf, and Northern Ice Witch and solve their problems.
The witches, giants and dwarfs will not be push-overs, but,
How fun will it be if they become happy through various activities such as literature, dance, music and art!
How fun will it be to take part in literature, dance, music and art activities created together in the realistic world of Oz!

Stories and Images for Main Scenes

Beginning of an Adventure(Introduction)

Scene00 Emerald Palace
Again, The Start of Adventures

After completing her adventures in Oz, Dorothy intends to return home,
but her hot air balloon broke down and the crystal light also turned off.
The Wizard of Oz says that there is still something left for her to do in Oz…
What magical adventure awaits Dorothy?

Scene01 Poppy Field
Select Character

Before setting off to the eastern, western, northern and southern World of Oz, you can choose one of the four characters.
Listen to recommendations of the character that can best complete each mission and become the hero of Oz.

Cultural Arts Creative Activities(Main Contents)

Scene02 Eastern Witch’s Cabin
Solving the Worries of the Depressed Witch

The Eastern Witch who enjoys making poems is depressed that nobody listens to her poems.
Create a great literary piece that will make the witch happy by writing ten-line poems, rap lyrics, and adaptations of famous poems.

Scene03 Southern Dwarf Forest
Solving the Arguments of the Dwarfs

There are 17 dwarfs who want to dance the same choreograph arguing with two other dwarfs who want to dance freely.
Dance with the dwarfs so that everyone can be happy without fighting.

Scene04 Western Giant’s Field
Give Music to Giants

Awaken the sleeping giant and turn on the music that it wants to hear.
Play various instruments with friends to make beautiful music that will make the giant happy.

Scene05 Northern Witch’s Ice Garden
Give a Statue as a Gift to the Witch

She must make a deal with the Northern Witch to get the item she needs.
Build a statue that will decorate the Witch’s Ice Garden that is covered with only snow and ice.

Back Home (Ending)

Scene06Emerald Palace
Now, Time to Say Goodbye.

The adventures at Oz have now ended.
Which adventure was the most fun and which of the east, west, north and south villages of Oz became happy?
It is now time to say goodbye to the friends of Oz.

Scene07 Credit
Going Back Home

Leave the World of Oz and take a hot air balloon to fly in
the cloud-filled skies and finally return to the home she missed in dreams.