Field: Philosophy, Science

Made based on the story of Dr. Victor and the creation, Frankenstein and contains value judgments and cooperative activities in the science and philosophy fields.

Themes for value judgments: Respect of life, human exploration, science and ethics
  • Selected as 2018 KOCCA Virtual Reality Contents Production Support Piece
  • 2019 E-learning Outstanding Corporate Contest Contents Grand Prize – Minister of Education Award
  • 2019 Outstanding Science Culture Products Contest Grand Prize – Minister of Science and ICT Awards

Introduction of game

I woke up in an unfamiliar lab! My image in the mirror was no more or less a monster. “This monster is not me!”
Storytelling-type VR game of finding the reason for your existence by seeking for the secret person who created you.

<The doctor’s old journal…>, <Locked door…>, <Freaky experiment that looks like it will move…>,
To get out of here, you need to connect this red circuit doing whatever it takes. Assess the situation with your teammates and control the main character (person wearing HMD) to solve the puzzle together.

Not only is it a fun collaborative puzzle to play together,
Each story have choices and judgment calls such as <Kill or let live?>, <Accept or deny being a monster?> <Rule or seclude?>, <Ignore or help?> to experience the true meaning of “enjoying together”!
Frankenstein’s fate depends on your team.

Stories and Images for Main Scenes


You are Frankenstein, a creature of Doctor Victor from now.
You will make choices in various situations as “Frankenstein.”
Now! Let’s go to the lab of Doctor Victor.

Scene01Frankenstein awakened
Who am I and where am I?

When I awakened, I found a strange space.
Frankenstein knows nothing of who he is and where he is ?
He must look around and get information both in fear and curiosity!

Scene02 Encounter with living beings
Judgment of the value of life, What will you choose?

Other experiment subjects in the lab of the doctor.
You think deeply about dignity of life while conversing with them.
In a situation where you should make a crucial decision on maintenance and destruction of life, which one will you choose?

Scene03 Escape mission! Get out of a big cave!
A laser security modules started to operate

A security device to shut off invaders started to operate!
You have to escape from here in cooperation with friends.
Make a laser beam of the same color with the one presented in the mission using the principle of ‘trichromat of light’ as a hint!

Scene04‘Power’ vs ‘seclusion’, what is your choice?
Accepting who I am, what kind of life should I choose?

A man and a woman are waiting in a glass room.
They tell Frankenstein that he must live as a creation of humans
and that he can choose only one! Which one will you choose?

Scene05-1 ‘Seclusion’, hide one’s identity
‘Select seclusion’- My life will stay in the dark

I (Frankenstein) decided to hide myself with a ‘cape’.
If I can do so among humans, I can keep living with them!
By the way, a girl has appeared and asks for help.
I don’t know whether I should reject her and go my way or help her despite a risk of revealing my identity….

Scene05-2 ‘Power’, rules the world
Choose ‘power’- A person with power can become the highest

Humans ostracize me? If so, I will choose ‘power’ and rule them! But power does not last for ever.
But power does not last for ever. For eternal power, I must remove my competitor! Fight or not…

Scene06 The Hall of Testing, what is waiting at the final place?
All this Was the choice of ‘you’, Frankenstein!

Frankenstein finally met Doc. Victor!
All the process was his trial to test Frankenstein.
Looking at previous choices and their results at a glance, figure out what they mean.

5 endings according to stories

A situation is given by scene and participants make a choice and decision through debate and voting.
There are 5 endings according to choices, and only one is allowed.

<Cooperative puzzles of >Forum VR – Frankenstein

  • nalysis of card keys and activity of finger print recognition
  • Mission of escaping from laser beams using the principle of trichromat of light
  • Activity harnessing offset and amplification of waves